Household vacuum cleaner brand

Suzhou Blueclean Electric Co., Ltd. is set up early 2018,located in Suzhou,China. With the mission to provide fresh home enviroment,Blueclean is delicated in developing easy & deep clean products and provides complete clean solution for home fresh. With full supports of technology, quality, know-how and supply chain, Blueclean is aiming to provide quality product and full size services to all our valued customers and creates valuable & win-win situation. Innovation and innovative products/ideas are always the key to the success, Blueclean firmly believes every little innovative idea will help. We are on the way and running after you!



A comprehensive company integrating R&D, technical service, sales and customer service aims to create a cleaner home environment for users, make cleaning time-saving, worry saving and labor-saving, and make home cleaner, healthy and fragrant!


Telephone       +86 512 66958410


 Address       No.29 Muqiao Street, Suzhou New District, Suzhou, China

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