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Household vacuum cleaners must not suck these 4 things!

2021-04-08 16:58:04

Household vacuum cleaners must not suck these 4 things!

As long as people live on the earth, they must live with dust. What we can do is to clean it regularly to reduce the dust. Of course, in addition to dust, there are other dirts that need to be cleaned. Manual cleaning is time-consuming and laborious. More people will choose to use household vacuum cleaners instead of cleaning. The following editor of household vacuum cleaner brands will introduce to you:

However, some friends complain that the vacuum cleaner is not durable and easy to break. The vacuum cleaner that was bought for several thousand dollars cannot be used after a few times. Is it really? Household vacuum cleaners are very easy to use. People who complain that they are not easy to use are actually used incorrectly. There are four types of things that are best not to be handled with household vacuum cleaners, so that the vacuum cleaner can be used for a longer period of time.

1. Building dust

Maybe you think it's weird that the dust can't be sucked anymore. What's the use of this vacuum cleaner? Note that what Shu is talking about is a large amount of construction dust. For example, after finishing the renovation of the house, use a broom to sweep the dust into a large pile. It is best to use the broom to sweep it into the garbage bag. The remaining fine dust is cleaned up with a household vacuum cleaner. Particles entering the motor may cause damage to the motor.

2. Water

Someone here is going to stand up again, saying that there is a vacuum cleaner that can be mopped wet. Doesn't this mean that a vacuum cleaner can come into contact with water? What's wrong with absorbing water? Note that the vacuum cleaner that can be wet mopped has a special water storage device, which is no longer in the same place as the motor. Sprinkling water when mopping wet will not affect the motor, but if it absorbs water, it will burn the motor.

3. Sharp objects

Household vacuum cleaners are generally more delicate appliances. Sharp objects such as nails and glass will pierce the hose and cause the vacuum cleaner to leak air, so please do not suck sharp objects.

4. Large particles

Large particles can generally be easily swept up with a broom. There is no need to use a vacuum cleaner. Of course, if it is a round particle such as soybeans, mung beans, red beans, it can be sucked up with a vacuum cleaner. Other large particles are not easy to pick up and are easy to block. Live the hose.

Generally speaking, the vacuum cleaner is still a very good cleaning artifact. Of course, it is not omnipotent. It still needs reasonable maintenance during daily use.

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