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The sweeper opens a new era of smart life

2021-04-08 16:58:33

The sweeper opens a new era of smart life

If you are eating bread baked in the bread machine in the morning, juice squeezed out by the juicer, ordering takeaway at noon with APP, monitoring the cleaning progress of the sweeping robot, and taking a ride home with carpool software after get off work in the evening...such you, It has leaped from traditional life to modern intelligent life, and is already enjoying the easy life that robots bring us. Modern people are busy at work and live, and the demand for quality of life is constantly increasing. What is needed is a home cleaning robot that saves worry and effort, can drag and wipe, and is fully functional, not just satisfied with simply sucking dust and cleaning the floor. . The following editor of wireless vacuum cleaner manufacturers will introduce to you:

Feature 1: One-click double cleaning

Still having a headache for various function keys? The era of one-click is here! With just one button, you can fully control the machine and end the four major cleaning problems-cleaning every crevice, scraping stubborn stains, inhaling large particles of garbage, and dragging away ground marks.

The innovative floating roller brush can be automatically raised and lowered to a reasonable position, and it closely fits the gap between the carpet and the floor for cleaning, and truly achieves perfect coverage. The unique double-V rolling brush design gathers dust, does not leak dust, and easily sweeps all kinds of ground.

The extra-large fine fiber mop uses imported nanofibers to cover one-third of the area of the fuselage, bringing a large clean surface, and absorbing water in one step.

 Feature 2: Innovative use of brushless motors

The new type of brushless motor uses electronic commutation instead of traditional mechanical commutation. It has reliable performance, low wear rate and low failure rate, and its service life is 50 times longer than that of brushed motors. It is bound to become the development direction of future motors; brushless motors are static motors. , The no-load current is small; the volume is small, but the electric energy conversion rate is twice that of the brush motor; the low-friction motor, the machine running sound is only 42 decibels, which will not disturb you and your family’s restful sleep.

Feature Three: Three Intelligences to Meet Your Various Needs

1. Fully automatic, multi-mode cleaning

Automatic cleaning, intelligent planning of the route, optimal cleaning plan;

Focus on cleaning the "severe disaster area" Spiral focus cleaning;

Edge sweeping sweep along the edges of the wall to fix the small seams at the corners;

Make an appointment for cleaning. One-week segmented and flexible appointments, saving worry and cleaning on time.

2. Automatic anti-collision and anti-falling

The front drive is equipped with 12 sets of infrared sensors, which can detect obstacles at close range, turn around in time without collision, and double protection for home appliances;

The four sets of infrared sensors at the bottom detect the terrain. When a drop of ≥5cm is detected, turn around in time to avoid falling.

3. Automatic recharge

Its recharge rate is 100%! The machine will automatically reserve 10 minutes of power and charge it back to the charging base. It is self-sufficient and really saves you worry and effort.

At first glance, the intelligent sweeping robot looks like a condiment in life, adding a touch of fun to the tedious housework, but when you think about it, the meaning of the sweeping robot is far more than cleaning, but can liberate people in the near future. Hands, truly enter the era of automatic intelligence, so that more people have time to enjoy the fun of life and the company of their families.

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