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Blueclean occupies the domestic vacuum cleaner market with innovative research and development

2021-04-08 04:59:51

Lanxinjieer dominates the domestic vacuum cleaner market with innovative research and development. The following editor of wireless vacuum cleaner manufacturers will introduce to you

Due to air pollution and environmental changes, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to household cleaning work, and vacuum cleaners are one of the more popular electrical products. With the upgrading of consumption, the domestic vacuum cleaner market is constantly developing and progressing. As a domestic brand of clean household appliances, Lanxinjieer Electric has built a complete product system with its own strong research and development capabilities, and has successfully highlighted its outstanding products. Heavy encirclement.

The outstanding performance of electrical appliances is inseparable from its strong product strength, which is also an affirmation of Lanxinjieer Electrical Appliances' focus on research and development. In terms of product development, Lanxinjieer Electric aims at household cleaning needs, and through in-depth insights into user needs, as well as the use of domestic households, it has developed high-tech vacuum cleaners that meet the needs of domestic consumers. Among them, Lanxinjieer opened the era of popularization of domestic wireless handheld vacuum cleaners, and won the sales of 300,000 units across the network in one fell swoop, becoming an explosive vacuum cleaner.

Lanxinjieer Electric is equipped with a variety of brush heads to meet the needs of life

Lanxinjieer Electric has focused on meticulous R&D spirit and clear and efficient demand insights, and innovatively developed new products based on consumer needs. In one fell swoop, it overturned consumers' traditional perceptions of insufficient research and development of domestic brands and worrisome quality, and at the same time broke the myth of high prices for imported brands. Aiming at the subdivisions of the vacuum cleaner industry, Puppy Electric has focused on the development of horizontal, wireless handheld, wireless vertical, bucket, and other diversified fields. From the appearance design to the product function, to the humanized operation experience, the puppy vacuum cleaner has outstanding performance.

The excellent performance of Lanxinjieer Electric on the product side is inseparable from its mastery of innovative technology. Up to now, the Puppy Electric R&D team has developed hundreds of technical patents and has mastered the internationally leading multi-level, multi-cone and motor control technology. , Air flow channel noise reduction technology, cyclone separation technology. These innovative technologies have accumulated into the technical reserves of Lanxinjieer Electric, and these technical reserves have also made Puppy Electric obtain great convenience in product technology upgrades, thus forming a complete system of technological innovation. At the same time, Lanxinjieer Electric has also carried out a comprehensive innovation and upgrade from ergonomics to humanized functions in response to the needs generated by the consumption upgrade, and every detail reflects the technological strength and technological innovation. So as to bring consumers a brand-new home cleaning experience.

Products are the best driving force for brand development. Lanxinjieer Electric has always been focusing on R&D and technological innovation as its corporate development philosophy, rooted in the clean home appliance market, and through its own continuous efforts, has become an excellent local home appliance brand that has the ability to fight against foreign giants in one fell swoop. We have reason to believe that Lanxinjieer will continue to lead the development of the industry with excellent products in the future, break the high price barriers of imported brands, and let every Chinese family have an efficient and convenient home cleaning experience.

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